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Super Bacteria - 100 billions of lactobacillus (for digestion)
General information on Super Bacteria probiotic supplement. Main effects: health-improving, n..
USD 45.00
Touchi Extract 250 mg, 180 tbs for 1 month - Original Product (touti toti tochi)
General information on Touchi extract by Nippon Supplement. Package details: 1 package contai..
USD 89.90
Based on 2 reviews.
Turmeric extract - Anti-Cancer - 20 days course
General information on Turmeric extract from Japan. Main effects: Preventing cancer (tum..
USD 29.90
ULTRA BURN - SUPER WEIGHT LOSS diet pills from Japan! - For 2 weeks
General information on Ultra Burn weight loss pills from Japan. Main effect: helps lose weigh..
USD 39.00
Based on 10 reviews.
ULTRA Marine Chondroitin - 170 tabs. for 1 month. (Joint pain, Knee pain)
General information on Marine Chondroitin from Japan. Main effect: reduces inflammation ..
USD 89.00
Based on 8 reviews.
ULTRA Marine Chondroitin - 270 tabs. for 1.5 month. (Joint pain, Knee pain)
Effect: reduces inflammation and pain in the joints. Treats arthritis. Active ingredient: cho..
USD 119.00
Based on 7 reviews.