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EVE ULTRA 20 tablets - Painkiller (headache, sore throat, muscle pain etc.)
General information on Eve Ultra painkiller. Medical Effect: pain killer (headache, sore thro..
USD 18.00
Express Lactobacillus for 3 weeks for GIT.
Express Lactobacillus for GIT support and activation. Package details: 20 tablets for 3 weeks..
USD 5.80
Based on 3 reviews.
Ferrite Necklace - Reduces blood pressure (50 cm, magnetic field 150 mT)
General effects of Ferrite Necklace Anti-blood pressure necklace, black color - 50 cm. J..
USD 39.90
Based on 5 reviews.
General Information on Final Block supplement. Medical effect: blocks fat consumption. Ac..
USD 79.50
Gemoling pills for hemorrhoids (for oral use).
General information on Japanese pills for hemorrhoids. Package details: 20 tablets for a basi..
USD 27.80
Based on 1 reviews.
HEALTHY LIVER - 270 pills (Organic liver hydrolyzate)
General information on Healthy Liver supplement. Medical effects: normalizes metabolism in li..
USD 79.00
Healthy Weight Loss with Japanese Tea "Vitamin Diet" - 200 gr.
Wellness with Herbal Japanese Tea Japan is famous for both tea ceremony and traditional medic..
USD 24.00
HEMO CURE - hemorrhoids suppositories 10 g. X 10 pcs
Hemo Cure anti hemorrhoid suppositories' General information. Medical Effect: cures wounds, s..
USD 19.90
HEMO CURE - OINTMENT (hemorrhoids cream)
General information on Hemo cure hemorrhoid cream from Japan. Medical Effect: cures woun..
USD 23.90
Hosulol  ANTI-STRESS - for 2 weeks
General information on Hosulol Medical effects: helps to deal with stress, mitigates fatigue,..
USD 59.00
Hyaluronic acid Mask - Express super-effect (20 ml)
General information on Hyaluronic acid Mask from Japan. Package details: 1 mask in indiv..
USD 10.00 USD 5.99
Hyaluronic acid Mask CLEARTAN - 5 pcs. (20 ml) Super Care! BEST SELLER!
General information on Hyaluronic acid Mask Cleartan from Japan. Package details: 5 mask..
USD 18.00
Individual air cleaner against viruses, bacteria, pollen
Individual air cleaner against viruses, bacteria, pollen. Weight: 70 gr. Negative ion gen..
USD 249.00
IQ Supplement for children to increase concentration and study performance.
General information on IQ-Supplement to support children’s brain and concentration. Package d..
USD 27.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Japanese Medical Tea "Female Beauty Premium" - 200 gr.
General information on Japanese Medical Tea "Female Beauty Premium"  Main Effect: R..
USD 24.00
Japanese Tea "Sakura Anti-stress" - 200 gr
General information about "Sakura Anti-stress" Japanese Tea. Effect: Restores the nervous sys..
USD 24.00
JBS PLACENTAL MASK - 30 masks. Premium Placenta Care. Fresh Moisturing
General information on Placents face Masks by JBS from Japan. Package details: 30 mask i..
USD 49.00
Lactis - 30 packs * 10 ml ! (daigo, lacits 5) Japanese Generic Package
Lactis from Japan: innovative probiotic Package: 30 packs X 10 ml each. Dosage: 1-2 packs..
USD 138.90 USD 98.90
Based on 6 reviews.
Lactis - 30 packs * 5 ml  X  6 packs (DAIGO, Lactis 5) Japanese Original package
General information about Lactis Probiotic. Package: 30 packs X 5 ml each - SIX boxes in tota..
USD 474.00 USD 349.90
Based on 5 reviews.
Lactis - 30 packs * 5 ml (DAIGO, Lactis 5) Japanese Original package
General information about Lactis Manufacturer: B&S Corporation! Package: 30 pack..
USD 59.90
Based on 15 reviews.